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I hired the services of Nicolas Perriault as lead IT developer in the realisation of, an international social network for rare disease patients and families. I can honestly say that Nicolas brought intense professionalism, creativity and innovation to the day to day challenges involved in putting in place such an ambitious venture.

His communication and focus was second to none and throughout the development Nicolas went far beyond the course of duty to ensure that every single detail was in place for launch. His knowledge of Open Source technologies was brilliant and when it came to putting in place a robust, scalable infrastructure this certainly showed. I would have no hesitation in recommending Nicolas and certainly look forward to working with him soon again.

Denis Costello, EURORDIS

Nicolas is very educated on a huge variety of domains. For the technical part, this man comes with an overclocked processor and has an encyclopedia in his memory, he is "aware". On the human-side, I always felt comfortable with Nicolas's joviality. He has a good listening. As I would qualify him as of a sharp mind, he is very foreseeing. His interrogations are so relevant, and his solutions are accurate and neat. I could say that he is gifted and has what it takes that makes me looking forward to work with him again.

Daniel Antelme, IOcean

Niko is a clever and pragmatic trainer... His programming abilities and his clear dedication to best practices are top notch. I’d gladly work with him again in the future...

Stéphane Langlois,

During summer 2009, we had to develop a web application based on Symfony and we had no ressources for this. Nicolas answered quickly to our request and built the full application in 5 days, allowing us to be on time. We could not have achieved this in a so short period of time. His knowledge and mastery of Symfony was a key element for this mission. Despite this short period of time, the application was also very well documented and tested.

We contacted later Nicolas to audit an home made PHP application. He made a full review of the application and mentionned all best practicies the application should have respected. He gave us two scenario to deal with the application whether we'll continue with it or rewriting it with Symfony, with a lot of recommendations. It was really helpfull.

Nicolas Steinmetz, JCDecaux

I've worked with Nicolas as a colleague and as a business partner. If you are looking for a technical partner to work on challenging projects, he's one of the best I can think of.

Nicolas is always focus on getting the best out of a project, even on area that he's not necessarly involved with. He has a great understanding of what the web is about and very extensive knowledge of web architecture. I would recommend him to anybody who's looking for a quality driven partnership : quality of development but also of cooperation.

I'm glad that I've worked with him on projects sharing the same work values and I'm sure we'll work together again.

Sébastien Solère, TA Consulting (France)

Nicolas worked with us as Project Manager developping our new plateform. He has shown very impressive efficiency both in his management and technical skills.

Philippe Corrot, SplitGames

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